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Ruchna Bhagat

Ruchna Bhagat is a highly accomplished Engineer and Business Leader who founded the organization back in 2013. Her original vision for BRB was to take the noise out of the complex world of IT infrastructure and to provide the diverse set of Engineering capability and experience companies need to rapidly adopt and deploy new infrastructure technologies. Today, in the age of process automation and artificial intelligence, BRB has the same mission but has evolved to much more.

Having graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a BS in Computer Engineering and minor in Mathematics, Ruchna demonstrated early leadership capabilities and thought leadership in technology. Later, she drove significant innovation for Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments, American Express and many other clients while employed at Accenture, ultimately driving related EMC businesses to #3 in the world. These cutting edge, innovative solutions gained immediate visibility and customer traction given significant, repeatable business results that the average customer would see, such as reducing $500k downtime costs, 100% disaster avoidance and recovery solution success, and 30% efficiency gains compared to legacy processes, to name a few.