Supplier Diversity

Through our Enterprise Action Network, we strive to empower our network of diverse-owned suppliers by connecting them to various customers and our partner network

Landing a large client can have a huge impact on small diverse suppliers, as most report dramatic revenue growth within a few years of their first transaction with a large corporation. One of the major obstacles for small diverse suppliers is making those crucial initial connections with large companies that can lead to business deals and allow those suppliers to leverage the name recognition and credibility of a new major client relationship to drive business growth.

BRB Associates supplier diversity business development program is designed to help build an ecosystem of diverse-owned suppliers and connect them to new opportunities that help accelerate contracts.

Through our Enterprise Action Network and other diverse supplier resources, we aim to expose our diverse supplier pool to the various inclusion programs of our customers and partners to help clear the hurdle of connecting to customers and diversity programs.

Please contact our diversity inclusion team to learn more.